Weather in Hong Kong

So it’s finally gotten to that time of year when the weather starts to get a bit cool.  Is it just me or does it seem to get later every year now?  When I first moved to Hong Kong October marked the end of the warm weather, with November and December being the start of cooler weather, then January and February were the “cold” months before March marked the end of the cold.  This year November was still shorts and t-shirt weather…. crazy!!!

Hong Kong is funny when it gets cooler though.  People start to bring out their skiing attire, puffy jackets and scarves as soon as the thermometer hints at hitting single digits.  It constantly amuses me thinking how will these people survive when we actually do get into single digits?  What is also amusing is that people read/see the weather reports and they take the lowest temp as what it is going to be that day.  They don’t take into account the fact that the coldest will be at night time, or in the new territories.  They walk around proud of themselves that they survived the supreme cold.

I personally love the fact that the pavements are less filled with a number of locals milling about aimlessly, or ambling slowly in lines of 3 or 4 wondering why people keep pushing past them, or why they have such problems staying in a line when other people come the other way.  The cold tends to make people want to get out of it as soon as possible and that suits me fine.  It is also not really that cold in comparison to other places.  People here need to “man” up.

Having said that Hong Kong buildings don’t have central heating, nor do the windows have double glazing.  So it can get a bit cold at home in comparison to other countries that are designed to deal with the cold.  However, it is only 2 months that it’s really bad and that’s what jumpers and/or blankets and heaters are for.


2 comments on “Weather in Hong Kong

  1. Hi,

    I’ll be visiting hk on end month of feb..
    Is it expected to be cold?

    • February is usually the coldest month for Hong Kong, however towards the end it starts to move towards the spring weather. That can then lead to slightly damper, misty weather. So it can be a mixture of the cooler/colder but drier winter weather vs the slightly damper, misty muggy wet season temperature.

      Having said that this year has been maybe one of the strangest, with weather switching from cold to very mild then back to cold.

      I suppose it’s also a little relative. If you’re coming from colder climates you’ll probably find it not to bad. Here temperatures get to the single digits (celsius) and people start to panic about it being so so cold. Obviously other countries get through winter in negative/zero degrees.

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