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To get Battlefield 3 or not…..

So I never actually ended up getting either BF3 or MW3 due to the birth of my son.  Since he’s been born I haven’t really turned on my 360 much so I never really missed either of them.  I also didn’t really want to be playing and speaking into my mic all the time and possibly waking him up.  However, now I’m really tempted to get at least one of these two.

I enjoy playing both BF:BC2 and Black Ops.  I see them as being two different game types in the same genre.  BC2 is really more of a thinking game, you need to plan things out and pick the setup that helps you reach that goal.  Going at it with all snipers will get you a few kills but you end up losing which isn’t great.  Black Ops on the other hand was an over the top run and gun less thought needing type of game.  It was just as much fun, particularly after a long day at work where you didn’t want to sit there thinking about your next move and you just wanted to run in like a lunatic killing everything in your path.  Sure it has goal based games, but to a certain degree your setup is usually geared towards what will get you more kills rather than what will help you get to the goal.

Now first of all I had to decide which one of BF3 or MW3 to get, and I may at some stage end up getting both.  I suppose to an extent it isn’t such an easy choice.  BF3 is in my opinion the better game, but MW3 will offer that quick bit of fun.  I don’t see me popping BF3 in for 15 mins of fun, but I could (and have done in the past) put in a MW game for 30 mins before I go out or something.  However, I also thought about the ranking up on both.  Now with MW games these days, especially with the prestige modes, getting the game later tends to matter less.  With BF3 on the other hand you have to worry about the fact that those that got it on day one and played every hour now have everything unlocked whilst you’re running around with a sightless weapon.  So I figure if I’m getting one now I might as well go with the one that has more of a “the earlier you get it the better chance you have of doing well” factor.

Now the question is, have I left it too late?  If I join in now there’s going to be a whole bunch of people who not only know the maps inside out but they also have a whole bunch of stuff unlocked.  I’ll be just starting out and I assume the first thing that will happen to me is that I will be molested more times than an altar boy at a priest convention.  Still, what I do like about BF games is that they set it up in a way that you get points for just about anything that you do.  You sit in a corner being scared, and just spamming out health packs and hey presto you start to level up anyway.  So it seems that maybe I’m safe from that side of things.  Of course I will still have to learn the maps but I suppose getting killed by a bunch of people will make me learn where they sat to kill me.

If I figure that I’m left it too late to get BF3 then my next option would be to get MW3 (which I may end up getting later anyway).  That wouldn’t be such a bad thing I suppose, but there is a whole bunch more idiocy going on in MW mp than you find in BF MP.  Maybe its’ because you are limited to only 4 men squads, but it seems to me that you see far less people no scoping 360 bunny hop spinning in BF3.


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