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Through to the next round

Liverpool faced Oldham in the 3rd round of the FA Cup and they were able to negotiate their way through to the next round with a resounding 5-1 win.

The game also saw the minute applause for the only man to win the same competition with both Liverpool and Everton.  RIP Gary Ablett.

Steven Gerrard was able to start his first game since his most recent injury, which was a great boost to the team. He marked it with a goal from the penalty spot which saw Liverpool take the lead, having seen Oldham go ahead earlier in the half, and Bellamy getting the credit for the equaliser.


The 2nd half then saw 3 further goals for Liverpool, one each for Shelvey, Carroll and Downing.


Unlucky for Oldham, but could be a crucial game for Liverpool.  First of all, it counts for one of Suarez’s 8 games he is banned for, and he is now a quarter of a way through his suspension.  The fact that it was a cup game against lower league opposition also probably helped ensure that Gerrard got his start, and he came through unscathed.

The goals were also crucial, with Andy Carroll getting a goal, Stewart Downing getting his first goal and Shelvey also getting his first since his return.  Hopefully that marks the start of a goal scoring run for both Carroll and Downing.  Both should have scored more than they have done so far this season, and getting that first one after a long barren spell is always a huge boost to a player’s confidence.  Given our poor goals for record it would certainly be a welcome thing for Liverpool.

Now let’s hope for another long cup run to match that of the league cup; and hopefully we’ll get a few of them at Anfield to balance the league cup away games.

There was however one sour note from the game and that was the racist shout from one idiot in the crowd.  The newspapers report that a fan was arrested and I hope he gets everything he deserves.  Hope he gets a lifetime ban from anything football related.  Complete and utter dick.


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