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Battlefield 3 impressions update….

I’ve now managed to log in about 7 and a half hours worth of multiplayer, and I ever managed to try out some Co-Op missions with a friend last night.  The fact that the multiplayer is so good is evident from my complete lacking of using the other disk that has the single player on there.  Extremely rare that I would ever do that; as I usually play the SP all the way through before I go online, unless I happen to get into MP games with friends.  All my MP games (other than the co-op missions) have all been with randoms.

As I unlock more and more weapons I start to realise the immense amount of options you have in BF3.  When you start out you might well be limited to just a couple of weapons, but even with the DLC, as you rank up you quickly start to realise just how many options you have out there.  I did the Co-Op missions so that I could hopefully unlock an assault rifle that could be used no matter what side you end up on.  I really don’t like the fact that when you start you have 2 different assault rifles depending on which side you are on, because basically the unlocks for both depend on how well you do with those guns, and you really have little control on that (except I suppose if you try to switch sides).  As you get a new rifle you then have to unlock all of its add ons… and each one has 3 separate different options.  Just as I started to use the one from the co-op I found myself unlocking the FAMAS.

Now bearing in mind each class has one main weapon (each with 3 further options), one side arm, 2 equipment slots and 1 specialisation, you start to realise that it is entirely possible to play BF3 in very different ways each time.  You can sit back with long range sniper rifles, or you could use that same recon class with a shotgun and go right into the action; you can elect to play the assault class with an grenade launcher, or you could use the health packs.   Let’s not forget that you also get to pick different skins/camo for your soldier too.  That is an outstanding amount of choice, and all that is before you even begin to think about your vehicle unlocks.

If you remember, when I was thinking about getting it I was worried about how well I would be able to do given that everybody else would have so many more unlocks than me.  Then from my last post I said that it wasn’t so bad, and it’s not.  However, as I unlock more and more things, I realise that the unlocked weapons are a definite improvement.  The FAMAS is a great deal better (in my opinion) than either of the two basic ones that you get.

The sound is still awesome, although for some reason last night I was having some issues with game sounds.  It would suddenly cut out some aspect of the sound but not all.  I could hear all the shouts and demands for ammo/health packs but I would have no vehicle noises.  It made it seems eery as I was running from building to building hearing people shouting for ammo, but not being able to hear any explosions.

The only sound issue is that not many people seem to bother speaking in this game.  In fact in my number of games online I rarely even find somebody that has a mic (or at the very least very few that the game signals have a mic).  This obviously isn’t the game’s fault, but when you only have access to 4 men out of 12, it would be a lot easier to coordinate an attack if your group of 4 all had mics and could talk to each other.

The visuals are starting to impress me more and more.  As you play more and more and you see more and more destruction taking place, you can’t help but be impressed.  I suppose my only minor grumble is that you can’t control the amount of C4.  I would love to be able to pick an amount of C4 when I place it on the wall (obviously it could be set at max damage for people that don’t care) so that I could make a small hole in the wall to shoot/view from, as opposed to blowing up a massive hole in the wall.  Still it is a minor gripe.

The 3 co-op missions that I tried were awesome.  The first one is mostly just about firing away at a bunch of soldiers and taking out some vehicles.  Nothing complicated, just an attempt at getting you into the co-op modes.  The second one was the helicopter mission.  I’ll want to go back and do this again, as I only got to do the gunning, and I still suck at flying the choppers, but it was a great mission.  The last mission we tried we ended up failing and then I lost connection to the EA server.  I loved that one, the starting off sneaky using silenced pistols and knives, then some infra red shooting, before being asked to go into the humvees.  So 3 tried 3 more to go, but enough variety in them to make them fun.  My only issue here though is that you can’t try them on your own.  I know it states co-op but I don’t really want to try this with randoms, and a lot of my friends that have this are in different timezones, which makes it hard to find a time.  This is even more of an issue given that you can only unlock certain weapons from doing the co-op.

One of these days I will get around to trying out the SP mode, but it’s just way too easy to just pop onto the MP to unlock more items.  I also figure at some stage EA will mess up (as they always do) and there will be days where nobody can access their servers.  I’ll leave the SP for that.


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