Man City 0 – Liverpool 1

Last night saw the first leg of the league cup semi final being played, with Liverpool travelling to the Etihad Stadium to take on Man City.  Liverpool were once again without Suarez, whilst Man City had their own Kompany missing  through suspension and Toure playing in the African Cup of Nations.

Now I have to say first of all that I felt the 4 match ban for Kompany was ridiculous.  The key factor to it all was that this tackle was done on Nani, and he got right back up before the referee even thought about a penalty or even reached for his card.  Had it been really dangerous, Nani would still be there crying, tweeting, crying some more and giving interviews about how he might not play again this millenium.  Still, Man City’s loss was our gain, as he will be missing both of the semi final games.  One man may not make a great deal of difference, but with their other injuries and with Toure out they were forced to play Savic.

I’m not saying that was the only reason we won, far from it, but it definitely helped.  He was out of his depth, and he was also guilty of bringing down Agger for Captain Fantastic to put away this penalty:


Liverpool were able to keep that lead until the final minute, which is a slender lead to take back to Anfield but a lead none the less, and that should help us get back to Wembley.  What is great is that we were the first team to stop Man City scoring at home this season.  Not bad for a team with that much money spent on attacking players.

Samir Nasri came in for a torrid final few minutes, especially if you subscribe to this view:


I personally think this is maybe just another sports website trying to bring in more views, as really it was just Carra doing what he does, and Nasri taking offense.  It should be noted that when Carra came on, we had 6 defenders on the pitch.  I guess we were really serious about taking that lead back to Anfield

Nasri then found himself under abuse on his drive home too:


They are indeed top of the league, but you have to wonder if they can continue to win games with so many key men missing at the back.  Of course this is Man City, and no doubt they can buy their way out of things, maybe they can get a sponsorship deal for every blade of grass at the Etihad Stadium?

Gerrard and Mancini also apparently had a tunnel bust up over the Johnson tackle.  Now I can understand why Mancini is crying, given that his player was harshly sent off last time out, and then given a 4 match ban, but you can’t cry about Rooney getting Kompany sent off one day, and then do the same yourself.  Unfair? Yes; non consistent? Yes… but you just have to deal with it.



2 comments on “Man City 0 – Liverpool 1

  1. Kompanys red card was a joke. And City will turn this around at Anfield and throw Liverpool out of the cup 🙂

  2. I completely agree about the red card….. and it’s only 1 nil but I’m banking on the Anfield crowd making this a special cup night and we are still unbeaten at Anfield.

    Besides you don’t want to be in the cup final… you need to concentrate on the league so United don’t get the 20th 😀

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