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Rockabye Baby Music

So there I was trawling through a baby online website in Hong Kong (http://babycentral.com.hk/), when I came across this item:


How awesome is that haha, my son can listen to the same music I did as a kid, but in baby form.

Intrigued I decided to have a look on the Rockabye Baby website:


There I found that they have a whole bunch of fantastic music, inlcuding Guns ‘n’ Roses, Nirvana, Metallica, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Queen.  There is even some other stuff like Bjork, and Madonna.  Theres’ something there for everybody and some of is sounds awesome.  There are a few versions of them on YouTube.

Here is Sweet Child of Mine (a classic for babies haha):


Metallicas’ Enter Sandman:


Here’s Nirvana’s Lithium:


I could go on with the YouTube links but probably best not to… just go check them out on the related videos or better yet check them out on their websites where you can see a whole bunch of different bands with samples on there.

Definitely worth checking out 🙂


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