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On our way to Wembley with Bells on…..

Another bloody draw at Anfield 😀  A superb performance by Bellamy, a celebration to smile at by King Kenny and Liverpool are on their way to Wembley for the first time since 1996.  Of course there have been other finals since then, but Wembley is something special, something extra for the fans to get excited for, as if it being a final isn’t enough.

With that win away in the first leg a draw was all that was needed, and I have to say I was somewhat worried that we would sit back and try to defend that 1 nil lead but it has to be said that Liverpool didn’t sit back.  It was once again another superb performance by an away keeper at Anfield but this time it wasn’t to be so disappointing.

It was a great team performance, and everybody worked hard, but man of the match was clearly Craig Bellamy.  We did have two tiny lapses that led to the goals but we were able to get two at the other end so won’t dwell on that too much.  Adam and Gerrard were able to control the midfield allowing the others to get on with their game, the back four was mostly solid and that allowed us to come back from behind twice.  Steven Gerrard got another penalty (even if it was a soft one to get given) and Bellamy struck the crucial equaliser away with 16 mins to go.

Overall, very very happy with at least one Wembley appearance this year.  It may only be the league cup, but getting to one cup final should give everybody at the club a boost, and should we go onto beat Cardiff, it could be what’s needed to help us push for that top 4 finish.

Add to that the news that Lucas was back at Melwood following his operation and that Suarez is now only 3 games away from his return and it’s starting to look a little better.


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