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Tevez for Carroll?

So it appears the latest rumour doing the rounds is that Liverpool have spoken to Man City about the possibility of swapping Carroll for Tevez.  One source does however reveal that “It didn’t go any further than an enquiry.”

It would seem a highly dubious one, considering the amount of baggage that comes with Carlos Tevez.  He is clearly a talented striker and one that will score goals, but you also know that he will come with demands for high wages, and an agent that is more than happy to disrupt things for the good of himself.

There are two reasons I cannot see this happening.  The first would be the owners.  They seem quite keen on buying young talent that provide value for money in the long run.  They may not come off right away but the plan is to get them in young, then I guess they would be looking to train them and mould them to the benefit of the team and either they become long serving members of the club or potentially they leave having been moulded into stars worth more than they were bought for.

I get the impression that the likes of Henderson and Carroll (and possibly Downing) may well have come in on big money transfers but they probably have relatively low wages, making them relatively cheap in comparison to buying big stars who may come on a low transfer as they left in the last few months but want higher wage.  Tevez would seem to me the sort of player that would have a higher wage demand than Andy Carroll.  So even if it is a free it would still end up costing us more.  At 27, Tevez is hardly old but he is also no youngster that can be moulded for the future.

The other reason would be Kenny Dalglish.  I can see him wanting somebody like Carlos Tevez coming in and disrupting things in the future.  Sure we have Craig Bellamy who isn’t a stranger to controversy, but Bellamy is the sort of player that somebody like Kenny can control.  He loves to play football, and he will buckle down just to get a game.  Tevez, on the other hand, just has a bad agent who has only one thought going on in his head and that is money.  There is no inkling of loyalty (even less so than the average modern day footballer) and there is certainly no concerns about missing a large chunk of the season.

From Man City’s side, they clearly want rid of Tevez, but I cannot see them wanting to do so for a swap, particularly not for a swap for a striker that is currently misfiring.  Looking at the strikers that Man City has, and the way that they play it’s not even like Andy Carroll would fit into their system any better than he has fitted into ours.  I suppose the only thing in their favour would be the lower wages, and the fact that they could maybe then sell Andy Carroll on in the summer, for a lot more than they would sell Tevez should he not play again this season.

It is a strange one, as you can almost guarantee that Tevez would score more in the first month that Andy Carroll has all season, but would the extra baggage be worth it in the long run?


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