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Transfer Window and Fixtures madness

So the transfer window officially ends tomorrow, and I believe it ends at midnight (although there might be some other earlier time limit).  Now I understand that they have to get in the midweek games to ensure we don’t end up with a fixtures pile up by the end of the season, but surely they could have done something to either extend the window to Friday, or maybe brought forward one day?

It seems somewhat ludicrous that a team looking to buy new players before the deadline, has a game to play that same evening.  I know they get a whole month to do their business but let’s be honest a lot of deals are left to the final moment for a variety of reasons; as teams look to get the best deal possible for themselves and their players.

What strikes me as even more odd is the fact that only half of the league plays on Tuesday, whilst the other half plays on Wednesday.  To some extent that gives those teams not playing a little bit of an advantage as they won’t be using up valuable hours at a game.  This becomes even less fair when you take into account that a quarter of the teams are going to be playing away fixtures.  They will waste even more time getting to those games and then coming away from them.

Obviously in this day and age, with technology being what it is, there is less of an issue but you’d think the FA would plan ahead.  Oh wait, now I see where that logic fails… the FA planning ahead and being sensible.


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