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24 hours to transfer deadline

So here it is, the last day of the January transfer window.  The last chance for teams to sign players on permanent deals (as I believe you can still sign loan players after the deadline) from now until the end of the season.  As usual, there have been a number of different rumours from a number of different sites, but unlike last year, Liverpool have not bought anybody as yet.

First off, let’s take a look at the biggest rumours.  The first is the whole Tevez saga.  Depending on who you believe, Liverpool made allegedly made a query about getting Tevez on loan, and then asked if they would take Andy Carroll for Tevez.  Given that Mancini himself has said there was no mention of the swap I figure there is a high chance that never happened.  Getting Tevez on loan wouldn’t be too bad for Liverpool, I still say we could do with another striker, and Tevez can score goals.  With it just being a loan we wouldn’t have to worry too much about off field baggage.

I certainly cannot even begin to see why a swap deal of Tevez for Andy Carroll would ever really happen from both sides.  Man City may be looking to get rid of Tevez but they hardly strike me as a team that needs somebody like Carroll.  I would also think that Kenny would rather work with a young striker that can over time be moulded to his system, versus a slightly older striker that seems to have controversy surround him at every club.  He’s a great player but he seems to be so badly advised by his agent.

However, Man City have stated that they would only be willing to let Tevez go for the right price and definitely not just on loan.  I would think the only other option may well be that they wait until the deadline then maybe they look at loaning him out.  Man City owners and management team seem far more willing to let Tevez suffer it out and fining him than letting him go out on loan.  Otherwise you would think it would make sense for them to loan him out, although I’m not entirely clear how much of his wages they are actually paying him, if any.  If he does go out on loan, AC Milan would also be keen, and I would probably see them as far more likely to get Tevez than Liverpool.  I can’t see Tevez becoming a permanent fixture at Liverpool, and his agent may also be looking to get him over to a new country, and start afresh.

The other rumour that cropped up yesterday was that we were looking at going back in for Mascherano for around 15 million.  I can’t see this one happening either, to be honest.  Mascherano may be great at what he does, and might be a welcome addition to the squad particularly with Lucas out for the rest of the season.  However, the man did refuse to play for Liverpool, and he stated that his move to Spain was for his family.  Again, I don’t think Kenny or the current owners would be interested in signing a player who may just cause more trouble again next season.

There is of course the tiny matter of Kenny Dalglish saying that there would be nobody coming into or going out of Liverpool in this transfer window.  However, on the other hand there is also the story today that McCarthy rejected a request from Liverpool to push the game tonight back by 24 hours, so that they could conclude their business.  So again, very hard to know what to believe.  Looking at our squad, we do have depth at a number of positions, and we certainly have the potential talent to perhaps not need any new players.  The problem to me is a number of those players are under-performing; or cannot play every game.

Craig Bellamy has been outstanding, but his knee problems means he can’t every game. Downing is a quality player, yet he has failed to find that form yet in a Liverpool shirt. Henderson is another great young player; but again he’s nowhere near the finished article. Kuyt has maybe not played in so many games, so harsh to have a go at his goal scoring record this season, but that goal against United will no doubt lift him. Then there’s Andy Carroll, great movement off the ball, has some fantastic control, but is lacking the goals.  Suarez is of course set to return and that can be like getting a new player.  He’ll no doubt be hungry (no pun intended) to get back on the pitch and put the ban behind him.  You almost feel sorry for the first team he’ll face, let’s just hope he gets a home game.

It is a big if, but if those players were to suddenly come good we wouldn’t even be talking about any new signings, except maybe one more striker.  Even with Carroll, Suarez and Kuyt, we could do with a 4th striker.  When you get to the latter stages of the cups, and you’re still fighting to get into those top 4 slots in the league you need to make sure that should one striker get injured you can replace him with somebody that can get the goals.  We could also maybe do with a poacher.  Somebody that can work well with both Suarez and Carroll.  Somebody who just mops up the scraps and can get us scoring more goals.

So far the transfer window has been somewhat dull, I can’t see it suddenly exploding into a frenzy in the next few hours but you never know.  I doubt it will be as exciting as last year’s January transfer window, but then I think that was a one off that may never be seen again.  Before that deadline, Liverpool have the tiny matter of playing Wolves away.  Then, maybe Kenny is in for a busy few hours working with Commolli to get any new players in (assuming there are any).



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