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Liverpool trounce Wolves despite great keeping from Hennessey

Deadline day saw Liverpool travel to Wolves for the last premiership game of January 2012.  They had asked to delay the game by 24 hours in a bid to conclude their transfer business but were rejected by Mick McCarthy.  Liverpool went on to beat Wolves 3 nil with goals from Carroll, Bellamy and Kuyt.  It could easily have been more, were it not for another great day for a keeper against Liverpool.

Honestly, I have no idea what it is about Liverpool that seems to bring out the best in keepers at the other end.  Obviously the keepers of this modern age are getting better and better.  They get more individual coaching than they used to, and teams realise the need for a great keeper in keeping them from relegation, or winning them titles.  However, it just seems that some guys just seem to pull off outstanding save after outstanding save against us.  Still at least this time it wasn’t to be an issue.

Craig Bellamy had another outstanding game and was once again on the score sheet, with Kenny Dalglish going on record saying that he wished he was 23 and not 32.  However, Kenny was also quick to point out that it was a great team performance, with everybody performing from start to finish, even after going 3-0 up.  Great to see Andy Carroll score, as well as Dirk grabbing his second in 2 matches; and a fantastic way to continue the last few days.  Maybe, just maybe that goal, together with the closure of the transfer window will be enough to kick start Andy Carroll’s goal scoring.  No longer will Andy have to worry about the prospect of being sold, or swapped to a team where he will sit on the bench.

I did say that I thought we needed one more striker to give us that little bit of comfort in the event of injury, but given that the window is now closed, we will have to make do with what we have, and on the basis of last night it’s not all bad.  I may well be proved wrong by the end of the season, and that an extra striker may not be needed, and I’ll be the first to be pleased that I was wrong.  However, for that to happen, this current run of form has to continue for everybody.  I guess the problem now will be for Kenny Dalglish to figure out what to do on Suarez’s return.  You would expect him to play, but does he play both Suarez and Carroll together again?  I would like to see it tried, as I still think together then can be outstanding.

Still for now let’s dwell on the fact that we are 5th in the table, and firing on all cylinders.   The next few weeks could well define our season.  February sees us take on Spurs on Monday, then United away, before we take on Brighton in the FA Cup and Cardiff in the Carling Cup Final.  March then sees us start off against Arsenal at Anfield.  During that time there will also be a number of other important games such as Chelsea vs United; Arsenal vs Spurs and Spurs vs United.  If we can keep playing well away from home, and continue our unbeaten run at Anfield than getting into the top 4 should be no problem.  Add a cup or two along the way and it may turn out to be a good season, and a platform to mount a challenge for the title next year.


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