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Origami makes papier-mâché of ordinary strollers

My wife and I recently had a child, and as all other soon to be parents we spent ages looking for a decent stroller that fitted our needs.  My wife is Filipino and tiny, whereas I’ve never been accused of being anorexic.  The problem was finding a stroller that was easy enough to fold for my wife, whilst not being to small for me to be able to use comfortably.  In the end we went with a Maxi Cosi Mila, which has been great, and we’ve been very happy with it.

That was until I got sent this youtube video of a new stroller from 4moms.  Here is the Origami:

How amazing is that?  One push and it opens easily, and it charges whilst you push so there it has its own renewable energy.  The lights are quite handy, although I doubt many actually take their kids out at pitch black; and I also love the phone charging feature that it has built in.

Of course I reckon the only downside is probably the weight of that thing.  We were put off getting some strollers such as the bugaboo just because they were too bulky and heavy for my wife.  This one seems like it would be the same.  It’s maybe all well and good if you live in a flat country, and you have no steps to worry about.  It is probably the perfect stroller for parents that need to drive their babies a lot of places. Take it to somewhere like Hong Kong where there are a large number of hills with a number of steps, and anything heavy starts to become a chore.  My Maxi Cosi is relatively light, but add a baby into the equation and it becomes hard work to do a large number of steps.

I would also assume this would come at a fairly hefty price.  I doubt it’s going to be anywhere near as affordable as the Maxi Cosi, and certainly nowhere near the cheaper strollers out there.  Still, if the conditions suit the use of this stroller, and you are having to go to a lot of places on your own, with maybe a lot of getting in and out of cars/taxis then it could well be money well spent.  With the battery being rechargeable, I would also think that the this stroller would keep its value should the be looking to sell it on in the second hand market (and let’s be honest if you’re only going for the one kid, or if this is your last then you’re probably going to sell this on).

I did try to get onto the 4moms website today, but it seems to be down so can’t check their specs for weight or even price.

Still, I am still curious enough to want to try it out… so if anybody out there has a contact at 4moms who is looking for a product tester in Hong Kong, feel free to pass on my details 😀


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