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Hawken gameplay video and closed beta

So I’ve been looking at this game for a while, and debating getting it.  Looks interesting and may well be worth a shot, particularly if the bit about free to play on PC bit is true.

I’ve always wanted to get into a mech FPS game, but it just never really happened for one reason or another.  For the most part its the over the top crazy meth-addicted speed to things that put me off.  Armoured Core looks like it might be fun, but then the speed of it all would probably frustrate me over time.  Sure, the fact that each mech takes a large amount of damage might negate some of it, but I still expect a whole bunch of asshattery to go on.  For example, I expect a whole load of 360 spins, bunny hopping and idiocy to go on, and that’s the sort of thing that stopped me getting Modern Warfare 3.

The one game that might have been my style was Chromehounds.  The speed of that gameplay in that seemed perfect to me.  It also seemed that little bit more “believable”.  These things are likely to be very very heavy and it just seems like them being able to fly around at break neck speeds would seem to be unlikely.  I like the idea that the heavier versions would be on the floor walking slowly whilst the lighter ones might be able to fly to a certain extent. I mean compare say a jet to a tank, a tank is heavy, well armoured and caries a huge big gun on it, whilst a jet does have a lot more speed but at the same time its nowhere near as armoured.

Now with it being the future of course I’m happy to admit that there will be some advances in technology that may make this happen, but I still expect there to be some element of bulkiness to these things.  I prefer a slightly more tactical approach to things than just hopping around all over the place blasting away like some fool.  Here is some game play footage of Hawken:

Here is some more footage with some commentary from the developers:

You can also sign up for the beta here.

Looks to me to be just about right, in that the mechs do fly but they don’t do so at some stupidly high speed.  Its not going to be just about how can press 17 buttons at once the quickest, but more tactics based.  I expect that the heavier tanks will take a lot more damage but they will also be easier to hit as they will be slower.  Might have to keep my eye out on this one.


One comment on “Hawken gameplay video and closed beta

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