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Suarez returns to a bore draw at Anfield

It’s like he was never gone, he comes back into the line up, gets to play at Anfield, gets a great reception from the crowd and he sees us draw again; at Anfield.  Still at least it wasn’t a loss.

As I somewhat expected, Suarez didn’t start against Spurs, and I think that was the right decision.  As much as people may say he might have changed the game had he started, players do need a little bit of time to get back to full match fitness.  On top of that I think the other players deserve some respect and they’ve played well (for the most part) in his absence.  However, it is great to see him back, and also great to see him hungry to play and win.  Some (especially ginger Evertonians or have rat-like features who play for the Scum) felt he was a little too eager, but they can go shove their opinions up their back side.  If referees officiated to Rooney’s standards he would never actually get to stay on the pitch.

I have less of an issue with Suarez’s eagerness or more of an issue with the fact that at the end of the day, the one character that stood out the most ends up being a four legged animal:

He showed more pace than Adam and Carroll, is clearly less injury prone than Ledley King, and he has all the moves of Gazza and Barnes.  Outstanding show, and might be worth looking into before he gets himself all agented up.

The result didn’t help either team.  We needed that win to put us within one point of Chelsea, and that could have been vital, especially as we have a couple of big games to come in the league with United away and then Arsenal.  It also dented Spurs slim chance of challenging the top two.  There are still 14 games to go to the end of the season, but 4th is now looking like a tough battle, and with Arsenal and Newcastle both playing well, even getting ahead of Chelsea may not be enough, and I don’t think the owners will invest anywhere near as heavily in the summer if we fail to make it into Europe for two seasons running.

Up next is United away, and I would expect Suarez to play a large part in that game.  The question is what sort of large part.  He clearly has the talent to change tight games, and he has the brilliance to unlock the tightest of defences.  However, he is also capable of getting on the wrong sides of the referees, and there is of course the small matter of the Old Trafford crowd, spewing out abuse and prawn remnants at him throughout the game.  You have to wonder how he will react the first chance he gets for a 50/50 challenge with Evra, but you also know that Evra is going to be looking for any chance to get Suarez wound up and sent off.  Having said that, you also assume that Suarez will be looking to make a fool of Evra.

Kenny Dalglish may have been pleased about keeping a clean sheet, but let’s be honest this season is now beyond just keeping clean sheets.  We need to start finding the net.  We have a chance conversion ratio of less than 10 percent and that is atrocious.  However, I also like to think that with Gerrard, Carroll and Suarez all on the pitch, and possibly Bellamy on too that we’re not too far away from suddenly unleashing the goal flood.  We just need to see that soon, and how grand it would be if that were to come against the Mancs, at Old Trafford?


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