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Anfield Cat gets a new song thanks to Vom Vorton

On one cold February evening, one cat decided to go for a stroll.  He’d been around Liverpool and he had been to a number of places.  Some had been an adventure, others had led to interesting new cuisines, other places had just been too dreary, and then there were some scary places.  There comes a time in every cat’s lives when they wonder whether perhaps they had missed something.  Was there some place in their local vicinity that they had perhaps over looked.

This one cat had indeed come to that stage in his life and he felt that he should maybe venture further afield.  As he meandered his way through Liverpool, he suddenly noticed a lot of people walking in one direction.  He thought to himself that they must know somewhere cool and great to go to, so he started to make his way there.  As he followed this crazy herd of giants, he noticed that the noise from where they were going was getting louder and louder.  This is it, he thought, this is the one thing his life had been missing.  What could it be, he wondered.

Eventually he made it to their destination, and what a sight it was.  Here in front of him stood this colossus made of stone and metal, and it was just swallowing up all these giants.  Still they seemed to be happy enough and he figured he’d just sneak in.  On the inside it was even more impressive as he made his way down the passageways, and eventually found himself at Cat Mecca.  There it was just in front of him was the biggest, greenest stretch of grass.  There wasn’t a single bit of evidence of litter from other animals, and he couldn’t smell the marking of any other cats marking their territory.  There wasn’t even a hint of dogs there.  How on earth had he missed this place.  As he wondered closer though he started to get apprehensive, as he felt that maybe this was just too good to be true.

Just as he made up his mind to make it onto the field he was suddenly interrupted from his thoughts as the music suddenly got louder and then a different set of giants came running out of another tunnel.  These giants were different, there were two different sets of them and they were wearing some sort of uniform.  Interesting, he thought.  He decided to watch them and see what happened, and the more he watched the more he liked it.  Here were these 22 giants, running around after a ball and they were getting cheered by all the other giants.  This was something he could get used too… if only they would give him a smaller ball.  Still here goes nothing, and with that he ran onto the Anfield turf, and put himself into Anfield history.

Just like the days of old mythology, the heroics of that one cat, witnessed by many was quickly put into words and music by the modern day equivalent to the bards of old.  Here courtesy of Vom Vorton is that song retelling Anfield Cat’s bravery:

You can get the MP3 from here.

There have even been calls for Anfield Cat to take on the England manager position, with a Facebook page being created for him.

Others, however, have questioned his temperament, as this trip will show:



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