Was the handshake all Suarez’s fault?

Obviously, from first viewing it is clear Suarez didn’t shake Evra’s hand, and of course the Evra made a meal of it by grabbing Suarez’s hand, but did Evra instigate it all?

Take a look at this below video:

Sure it’s not a massive move, but the arm goes down.  It only went down for Suarez, he had it held at the same level for everybody else.  Maybe he was tired, after all that extra weight of the captain’s armband is something he’s not used to.

Let’s not forget Evra’s first contribution to the game after the whistle started.  As the ball came in with Suarez looking like he might get there first Evra flew in, and would have taken out Suarez had he not used Rio as cover.


3 comments on “Was the handshake all Suarez’s fault?

  1. Suarez is Captain??? What happened to Gerrard?

    I missed this game, have to wait for the replay on ESPN 3. Not sure how I feel about this Suarez cat. The few games I’ve seen him in I haven’t been too impressed. If it was hockey he’d be spending a boat load of time in the penalty box for taking dives or embellishing. If anyone on Liverpool was capable of playing head games with another player that may have resulted in racially charged epitaphs being thrown around it’s this guy.

  2. Suarez isn’t captain… Liverpool kept their usual captain, as opposed to Man Utd that decided the best thing for a heated situation like this would be to ask their captain to stand down and have Evra become captain for the day.

    Suarez does make the most of any challenge but he is nowhere near the worst. Indeed one of the worst to have graced the EPL was Christiano Ronaldo.

    The 8 match ban that was handed out to Suarez came with a 115 page report. In that report all you’ll read is that it was one man’s word versus another. Then in the summing up they mention probability and they say Suarez’s version was less believable because he changed his story a couple of times; yet the report itself also mentions that Evra changed his story a couple of times (including changing his allegation from he said N*gg*r over 10 times to he said negro a few times). They mention that he had trouble answering some questions but then nothing is made of the fact that he had to use a translator. Evra got to make his statement whilst watching a video replay; Suarez wasn’t given the same opportunity.

    Now take a look at this blog:


    3rd picture down, and you can clearly see Suarez had his hand out for the shake at a usual level, whilst Evra had his down. If you look at the video you’ll see Evra’s hand was higher for all other players.

    You say Suarez looks like he might be the sort of player who would do this, but Evra himself is no angel. He has claimed racial abuse before which was found unproven.

    There is no place in anything for racism; but by the same token there is no place for false accusations of racism.

  3. I don’t know, I love Liverpool but from what I’ve seen of Suarez so far… Like I said, racial allegations aside, I’m not impressed. My wife and I started calling him Peter Griffon in one match because this is what he did for most of the match;


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