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Liverpool march on in the FA Cup

As you’ll have already noticed, I’ve already reblogged the post by lforliverpool that has a great report of the match, so you can go there to read that.  I have to say I didn’t watch the whole game live, as I had an early meeting on Monday morning.  I did, however, get to watch the rest of the game subsequently and I have to say I was impressed.

Here finally was the Liverpool team I wanted to see play.  Now many will say we shouldn’t get carried away, it was after all only Brighton and Hove Albion, but this was also a team that had taken out Newcastle in the previous round.  They’re also only in the Championship, and we have struggled against newly promoted sides in the past.  I should also point out the Brighton didn’t come here to grasp a draw, they came to play football, and unfortunately found themselves coming up against a team hungry for cup success, and relentless in their pursuit for glory.

I can’t remember too many games in the last few years where Liverpool have continued to attack even when the score went past 3-1.  Too many times in the past we seem to just stop and be content with a 2 goal lead.  Then there’s always the possibility of the other team getting one back and causing chaos at the back for the last few minutes of the game.  The own goals helped, but to be honest it wasn’t like they change the entire outcome of the game.  Liverpool were in control throughout the game, and the score line, in my opinion, was a fair reflection on the game.

I suppose the only criticism is that we don’t go for the jugular like that in Premiership games.  Let’s be honest in a cup game it doesn’t necessarily matter how many you win by, as long as you win and make it into the next round.  The league is a completely different kettle of fish though, and we need to be scoring more there, as with it being so tight this year that 4th place may well come down to goals scored, or at the very least goal difference.

However, this cup game may have lead to some insight into whether that might happen in the Premiership.  For once it felt like the right components were starting to come together.  The midfielders were linking well with the forwards, and Carroll and Suarez were starting to show signs of forming a partnership.  I felt that people were too eager to dismiss the partnership based on a handful of games together, as these things always take time, and I hope that they continue to get games together on the pitch so they can maybe be the next duo in a long list in Liverpool history.  I must also mention Downing, who was finally doing what he was doing so well at Villa.  He was able to get past players, get to that final third and put a ball into the box.  That led to Andy Carroll’s goal and it’s something that needs to keep happening.

The 6-1 drubbing does also provide one other benefit, and that is the boost in confidence just before out first game at Wembley in years.  Our next opponents are also Championship material, albeit slightly higher up the table.  However, with a fantastic support at Wembley (which I’m sure we will have) and more of the same on the pitch (except maybe the streaker), we should be going into next week with a trophy to our name.  That could itself give another boost to the players which may do wonders when we return to the EPL.


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