4 comments on “Xbox account hacked, Microsoft does nothing??!?

  1. EA’s guide to preventing FIFA phishers from getting player info


  2. That’s what irks me even more. This has been going on for a while now. EA at least sent out a notice to their clients telling them they had been hacked, and I promptly changed my password for that. Then I changed my live password.

    Microsoft, however, who’s system is now being used to actually perpetrate the scam is doing nothing. In their eyes it’s EA’s problem, even though it is their customers that are being affected.

    Why not have an option for each user to not allow their profile to be used on any other console? They can have the option to maybe only allow it when the system has a RROD or maybe if they select the option they would only be able to do so by contacting XBL support?

    I phoned them again yesterday, and now they have to re-escalate the situation. After all this time of this happening apparently they have no set procedure in place for scammed accounts. Also for some reason it appears I was given 2 different reference numbers for my event, and they elected to process the one that had no information about the points being stolen.

    A complete overhaul of their system needs to be put in place in my opinion, as it is slowly turning to garbage. It’s not just the scamming, but the number of people modifying their avatars, or profile names is increasing and whilst they are banning some people, there are plenty doing it.

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