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Wembley only a few days away

Following my last two posts on my blog, I suppose I needed to bring some positivity.  So what better way than to bring up the upcoming final versus Cardiff at Wembley.  The first time since Ian Rush’s final game in a Liverpool shirt.

The league cup has been a funny one for Liverpool this season.  Every round saw us play away from home, and we got to play at home in the one and only 2 legged affair, against Man City in the semi finals.  What is amusing I suppose is that Anfield was the only place we didn’t win, although a 2 all draw was decent enough, and really could have been more were it not for the fact that Joe Hart clearly has spider blood in him.

In case you forgot any of those games, here is a Road to Wembley video:

Plenty of them out there.  I watched the one on Liverpoolfc.tv but you have to be a member to watch that.  It’s certainly been an eventful cup run.  It saw Bellamy’s first goal back in a Liverpool shirt, our first win at Stoke since their return to the EPL, a phenomenal goal for Suarez against Stoke, 2 games without Suarez for his lengthy ban, and of course that injury for Lucas versus Chelsea.

It may be “only” the League Cup but as it draws closer and closer the more excited I get.  Liverpool are on their way to Wembley for the first time this millenia and that in itself is something to celebrate.  The only problem I see with it is that it happens to be on Sunday and will go on until the early hours of Monday morning, so I see a highly unproductive Monday morning next week, but hopefully a happy unproductive Monday morning.

Of course for it to be a happy occasion we will need to overcome Cardiff.  They may well be the underdogs but this isn’t just a cup game, this is a cup final.  Cup games have a habit of bringing out the best in underdogs at the best of times, but with it being a cup final it just adds that little bit extra.  We may have beaten Brighton convincingly but that was at Anfield, and Cardiff are higher up the Championship than Brighton.  Of course I expect a loud contingent at Wembley to cheer Liverpool on, but it won’t be the same as attacking the Kop end, it won’t be the same as having the large majority there on your side.  I don’t see why we can’t win against Cardiff but it will require the same sort of performance as against Brighton, with the same effort throughout the game.

We may also see a different tactic from Cardiff.  They may well have seen how badly Brighton were beaten when they didn’t park the bus.  They may also take note that we have struggled when teams have parked the bus, and they may well opt for the same.  I for one just hope for an entertaining game and the icing on the cake being a victory for Liverpool.   The last time we were at Wembley the game was touted as the most exciting cup final we could hope for, and in the ended it was a dull dreary affair, with the biggest memory of the day being the white suits 😀


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