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Xbox account hacked, Microsoft does nothing??!? Part 2

So, following on from my earlier post about this, I decided to phone up the support desk in Hong Kong and see what it was they actually investigated, and what about the missing 5,040 points.

First of all I should point out that when I first called I didn’t have my 360 serial number or ID number with me.  However, I gave every other detail to the woman on the phone and she seemed fairly switched on, spoke great English and she sent me an email with my reference number and details of where I should get my various numbers from.  So I guess that was a plus for XBL support.  XBL Support 1 – FUBAR – 0 (it should maybe be a draw at this stage, because I did lose the points in the first place, but let’s give them the lead, albeit possibly an offside goal).

When I got the details (which was only 10 minutes later having phoned my wife at home and guided her through the process), I instantly phoned back the same number, and spoke to somebody else there. The first thing I did was give them my reference number so that they could check my previous phone call.  Having taken my reference number I guess somebody maybe dropped the ball somewhere, as my issue was then given a different reference number (or so it seems from the email I got back from Microsoft regarding my case). After I got that email, and I phoned again this week, there were indeed two reference numbers for my issue.   Microsoft 1 – FUBAR – 1.

I was lucky enough to actually get the same girl I spoke to the first time and she remembered the issue and she said she was surprised I got back my account so quickly without the points, as my original complaint was clear in that I had requested them to check my account after losing over 5,000 points.  After a discussion, she then pointed out to me that there is actually no set procedure in place for this, and once it gets escalated they don’t really have a set of instructions on how to deal with it.  So it appears that somebody looked at my case, and for whatever reason (maybe they just didn’t care, or they were too busy, or they were hungover on Monday) that the points were never an issue and they could give me my account back, and give themselves a nice pat on the back for having completed one task on their list.  I’m going to give that goal to Fubar….

She then informed me that I could re-escalate the issue.  I was somewhat sceptical, so I asked what that would actually mean.  She said she would send my file over to the investigations team and they would look into it again.  I asked if that would actually achieve anything or whether it would just result in the same cursory 5 minute look into the issue before having to reset my password and redownload the profile.  She informed me that she would put those details in the note on the account again, so when it re-escalates they would look into the points issue.  I then asked if that meant I would not have access to my xbox live account.  She confirmed that I would not be able to access my account either from my pc or my 360.  That was Tuesday morning.  As of last night I could still access my account online.  I haven’t tried to use my 360 as I’ve been busy, but it just seems like nothing is actually being done.

Of course I do still have the option of calling up and checking, and I guess I can maybe do that today or tomorrow, but at this stage I’m trying not to phone them and result in another member of staff there taking my call, giving me a different reference number and messing the whole thing up all over.  I did try to see if I could maybe call the investigations team, or if somebody from the investigations team could call me (ideally the person actually looking into my case), but apparently transferring calls to a different department at Xbox Live is not a technology Microsoft has mastered.  I can maybe see why they wouldn’t allow it but at the very least give us some way of being able to see that a) the right info is being sent from one department to another and b) that somebody is looking into it.  The longer this goes on the more and more annoyed I get, and the more and more I search online or talk to people for the same problem.  The more I do that the more I realise that Microsoft just doesn’t seem to have a handle on this at all.  I know somebody (through a gaming community I am a member of) that has had his account locked for well over 30 days.  He lost less points than me and all he wants is his account back.

This has been going on for a while now, since at least FIFA 11 I believe (as Ultimate Team packs were being bought with these points back then).  Surely by now they must have a system in place to check these things.  You would think that by now, they might be able to look into these and at least have a step by step guide on what the investigations team is to look for.  Also surely a system like Microsoft should be able to put in place a system to be able to check the status of your issue on line rather than having to call and face the same questions over and over (name, phone number, reference number, registered phone number, full name on the account, gamer tag, confirmation of what the problem was that you phoned in about).  I believe Fubar won this one convincingly.  Some will say Fubar got lucky with the own goals XBL scored, but a demolition is a demolition, whether somebody else sets the charges or you set them up in your own back yard.


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