4 comments on “Xbox account hacked…. Microsoft finally does something

  1. Well, I’m glad the situation was rectified for you, though I thought they would have thrown in a bigger freebie. It was really cool gaming with you the other night! Your accent made me miss my brother.

    I’m willing to bet it’s a high turnover job rate at Microsoft customer support. More untrained people than trained, and you just have to hope your case falls into the hands of someone that knows what they are doing.

    • Yeah had a lot of fun playing the other day. If you fancy it there’s a largish group of us older gamers (mostly from the US and UK) that have a community together (www.dadsofgaming.com). Started out as a site of guys just looking to get away from the usual idiocy you get online, which has just grown into a community. Mostly it’s gaming talk but plenty of other stuff going on there too.

      • Cool, I’ll check dads out later today.

        That’s how I met MUD (that other guy we were playing with,) through the PreGameLobby.com site. I went there after encountering the gits in MW2!

        I need to start practicing my FIFA skills so we can have a derby! It’s just so hard to put BF3 down sometimes.

      • I’ve hardly touched FIFA 12…. I love it but it’s almost like they’ve gotten to the stage where they have no real competition so it’s a few tweaks here and there. I don’t like the new tackling, and I’ve yet to get used to it. Seems to just make it too easy to waltz through defences, although the AI has no problems with it

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