Mass Effect 3 – Worth Buying?

As you probably all know, Mass Effect 3 is now out for consoles.  I loved the first one, and I think I finished the second one with one play through… but I also found the second one to be way too linear.  The first one was a bit better in terms of openness.

What I did really like about both the first and the second was the voice acting, the variety of options you had in the dialogue, and the dilemmas that faced you.  However, if I’m going to be spending so much time in a game I do prefer the Skyrim type gameplay where you can really do what you want.  I liked that you could be good or evil in Mass Effect but if never really went far enough.  The game also just led you from mission to mission.  Sure you got side quests but it never felt like there was an unending supply of them.  Compare that to say any Bethesda game, where even just trying to finish the main story line you end up getting side tracked just because some kid ran up to you to complain about being bullied, and you just had to go help out; or some fisherwoman bitches about her husband going missing so you just have to ask.

I have heard that there is a lot of disc changing in it too, although not sure if that is still the case if you save it to your HDD.  I would think that maybe there would be no need to change discs once you have it in the system but you never know.  I don’t like having to change discs in a game.  It may sound like I’m just being lazy but let’s be honest when I turn on the 360 I’m not looking for energetic fun, I’m looking to sit down and relax or enjoy myself. Also, invariably it seems that you start up the 360, you sit back down and then suddenly 5 minutes later you’re prompted to change discs.  You get up and change it and then suddenly realise you still had one more mission to do back on that last planet.  Without thinking you go back and there it is again another disc change.

The first thing that made me think that Mass Effect 3 would definitely be worth getting early was the mention that there would be MP on it.  However, it now seems that the MP on it is just like horde mode on GOW.  That has less of an appeal to me, as I can always pop in GOW to get my horde fix.  If MP is not so compelling then maybe it would be better off waiting for this to drop in value and get it at a later stage.  I have to say, however, with the way games come out these days I rarely go back and buy an old title.  I always think that I might but when it comes down to it by the time you think you want to go back to get an old title, either more new games come out or you have so many old titles to pick from that you can’t make a decision.  Then there is always that nagging thought at the back of your head saying, you didn’t feel strongly about it when it first came out, why bother getting it now, it’s not like anything has changed.

There is also the issue of time.  I have, as yet, not completed Skyrim, I still have hardly touched BF3 SP, and then there’s the plethora of online stuff that always seems to distract me (BF3, GOW3).  I have also still got some GOW3 DLC SP stuff to do too; and then there’s still LA Noire.  So should I get Mass Effect 3; or perhaps just save my money until the next big game… and no doubt there will be some coming up soon.  Maybe by that time I might have come close to finishing some of my older games.

For those that are looking for an online option to buy it check out this link:

Buy Mass Effect 3 (Xbox360 & Kinect) at Play-Asia.com

In the interest of honesty and integrity, I will point out that I get 2 cents credit for every visit, and some additional credit should somebody buy from visiting that link.


3 comments on “Mass Effect 3 – Worth Buying?

  1. Got ya another 2 cents just now!

    My brother (in-law) just got it and he’s very impressed, especially with the Kinect interaction. If you’ve played the other 2 you might as well finish the story. It is one of the best SciFi stories in a game that I’ve ever come across.

    I mean if you’re willing to play LA Noire then it’s kind of silly for you to pass up ME3 after playing the previous 2. LA Noire did not peek my interest a bit. Watched my brother play it for a bit, seemed like a GTA clone with extra dialog options that got repetitive rather quickly. Was never into detective stories anyway, not unless they involved a pissed off millionaire in a bat suit and cape!

    And dude, you’ll never “complete” Skyrim! I borrowed it from a friend and gave it back after three weeks of my life had flown by and I started dreaming about guards yapping at me about arrows in their knees or something! I’ll pick up the GOTY edition in a year and finish it, but for now I’ve been doing a lot of writing and Skyrim was sucking that out of me!

    Having played ME1 and 2 myself, I have to ask, how could you not finish the story line? You should get it.

    • It’s not that I actually seem to be drawn to LA Noire, its just that it is there, in my games and I feel I should at least give it a fair go. It was one of the more original concepts and I quite liked it. It also came out during a time when there weren’t many other games, but my old 360 crapped out on me. Now it’s been lost again under Skyrim and BF3.

      I know I’ll never “complete” it; but I do at the very least want to get through the main story line, and feel like I have at least done the story. The problem is every time I decide to go for the story line some pesky villager will side track me; or some dragon will lure me away; or I stumble across a new location with its own quest.

      I think in the long run I will get ME3; but just not sure I should even think about getting it just yet at full price. The MP aspect to it doesn’t sound that great, and these days the limited time that I do have with playing I can see myself mostly playing online BF3.

      • Not a shabby idea to wait for it to go down in price especially seeing you have other games to occupy you. I really don’t think anyone is buying ME3 for the multiplayer anyway. Not sure why they would even bother putting that in there. Must have been marketing’s bright idea!

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