Charlie Adam to be sued?

Sure the Carling Cup final at Wembley ended well for Liverpool, but some may recall that Charlie Adam took one of those penalties for Liverpool, and he missed.  Well to be honest, to say he missed would be like saying Luis Suarez has been a bit controversial.  Not much was made of it at the time, but it appears that somebody did actually capture footage of where the ball landed.

It appears that after a lengthy investigation, police believe that the ball struck by Charlie Adam was also involved in an assault, and it is believe the victim is already talking to his lawyers for damages to his ego.  The video is below:


2 comments on “Charlie Adam to be sued?

  1. lol A wee bit snarky lately aren’t we?

    Maybe he was shooting at a goal in next weeks game and didn’t get the earth’s orbital trajectory just right.

  2. I figure it’s better to bring out a bit of humour in a season that is going to end in a disappointing league position. Besides, a title like “see what happened to Charlie’s pen” leads to about 2 views; one that says “Charlie Adam to be sued?” brings in a whole bunch more…. even if it was a bit tabloidy 😀 I expect a call from one of the UK newspapers offering me a job soon haha

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