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The end of 4th official boards in football

As most of you football fans know, for a while we have had a board that the 4th official holds up for added time at the end of the game.  It is also used to indicate which players are coming on and off in a substitution.  They have been a decent addition to the game to figure out how much “Ferguson time” there is left in the game, and it made it easier to see the numbers of who was on and off.  However, recent events may well see the end of these electronic boards, at least in the English Premier League.

The incident in question came about during a cold evening in Manchester, with Manchester United level their opposition, it was time for Ferguson to set “Ferguson Time”.  Having borrowed the electronic board from the officials, he gave it to his staff, who instantly set about what they considered to be enough time to get ahead.  What happened next is unbelievable, as the electronic board attacked an innocent drunken Scots man and tried to destroy his feet.  You can see the unprovoked attack below:

As we all know Alex Ferguson is never one to let an injustice go unpunished.  This unprovoked attack on him, will no doubt see him march right down to FA headquarters, to see what they will do about this miscreant.  The problem is that once one electronic board has gone rogue, what’s to stop it telling its mates?  The one isolated incident could be the start of a greater conspiracy against Manchester United and Alex Ferguson.  Imagine the chaos if at this weekend’s premiership game Alex gives the word for 4 added minutes and the errant board shows 1 only, or maybe shows a pixel picture of a mooning man?

They surely have to be punished, and the FA will not want to upset Alex Ferguson in any way.  The question is, will it be a lengthy ban, or maybe we’ll see a new campaign of “Hammer the Boards out of Football”.   The good news for United is that they appear to have support from the most unlikely of sources.   It is believed that Sepp Blatter is all in favour of the move, as technology has no place in football.  Following those rumours, Michelle Platini was quoted as saying “I have no choice but to follow Sepp, my tongue is just too far up there.”

Please note that parts of this post have not been fully confirmed 😀


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