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Cometh the hour cometh the man

Liverpool versus Everton.  One of those matches you can never truly predict.  Sure Everton haven’t won at Anfield in a while, but they are always capable of causing an upset when it comes to the Merseyside derby.  A win for them would have seen them leapfrog ahead of Liverpool.  Thankfully that was never going to happen with Stevie G in the sort of form he was in that night.

Of course it wasn’t just Stevie G that was on fire. Luis Suarez put the second and third on a plate for him; and whilst the first was a great finish, some credit has to be given to Martin Kelly for the two earlier shots that were saved by the Everton keeper.  So Liverpool were able to run out 3 – 0 victors over their local rivals.  The criticisms I had about certain players seemingly having “given” up on the season will very rarely be levelled at Luis Suarez, Stevie G or Jamie Carragher, but the entire team played the sort of football that I love watching us play.  It just makes those losses to the likes of Sunderland so much more frustrating when you know what the team is capable of.

Great result for Liverpool, but I still stand by my belief that this is the time to “blood” in some youngsters.  The second goal was scored with well over 30 minutes to go, and as the second half went on it, the clearer it seemed that the game was Liverpool’s to lose.  Yet with 3 subs allowable, only one came on, and Shelvey was left on the bench.  Even the last 5 or 10 minutes would have been better than nothing.  A chance to experience a derby first hand, and again a chance to gain that experience without much foreseeable downside.  It’s a minor gripe, particularly as the team all played well, but if the likes of Shelvey are not going to be brought on 2 nil up in a season such as this one then you wonder just how little confidence Kenny has in them.

Still regardless of the personnel, I just want us to end the season on a high.  Beat everybody we play against, not just to ensure another cup victory, but just to give us some great momentum into next season.  I know there’s a summer break in there, and a lot of the players will be hoping to play at the Euros, but getting a run of 11 wins would be great.  Who knows, it might even be enough to get us 4th place.  We certainly put more pressure on those above us if we do get a great run going then if we keep fizzling out against the less glamorous teams.

Up next will be another battle against Stoke, at Anfield, for a chance to progress to the  semi finals of the FA Cup.  You’d hope that the chance of a cup final would at least ensure the 11 picked on the day will do their utmost to win.  I just hope that if we do make it to the semifinals, that they have the decency to let us play on Saturday, so I don’t have to worry about work the next day.


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