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Another Wembley visit for Liverpool

Liverpool met Stoke yesterday for a place in the semi finals of the FA Cup.  They went on to beat Stoke 2-1 thanks to two great goals from Suarez and Downing.  You can read more details on the match from LFCBoston’s post here:

Liverpool 2-1 Stoke – Another Semi Final Awaits.

That now means that Liverpool will be going to Wembley once again this season, this time to face either Everton or Sunderland.  That was probably the slightly easier of the draws, in that we avoided Chelsea (who won their game 5-2) and either Spurs or Bolton (which was abandoned after the shocking collapse of 23-year-old Muamba.  Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery from him).

I hope now that finally “experts” will shut up about the lack of action at Wembley for Liverpool.  Yes until the Carling Cup final we had not been at Wembley for a few years, but that’s partly down to the fact that Wembley was being re-developed.  How many teams have never played at Cardiff?  Do they harp on about those teams?  Whilst the cups were being played at Cardiff Liverpool were there fairly consistently, yet that minor fact is glossed over in a pitiful attempt at selling headlines.

Of course should we then win that next round game, another game at Wembley would beckon, and imagine the furore that would cause?  3 visits to Wembley for a team that hadn’t been there in 16 years?  Will wonders never cease?

I have to say it was a fairly accomplished by the Reds last night.  Stoke were never going to be a pushover, particularly with their unique brand of football, which wouldn’t necessarily go amiss in the 6 Nations.  Skirtel was immense at the back, Spearing was clinical in midfield and Gerrard and Suarez were once again connecting well.  Carroll did his bit, but let’s be honest any time we got a set piece that was going into the box, they were all over Carroll, which meant other players were finding the freedom.  Same thing with Suarez when we were moving towards the box, he was constantly being manhandled but all that attention did at least give space for others to play with the ball.

Their goal shouldn’t have been a corner in the first place, but let’s be honest once it was given you can’t excuse that sort of defending.  Andy Carroll is tall, but he is not a defender.  Why would you have him marking Peter Crouch?  The movement Peter Crouch had for the goal was something that would have been hard for most defenders to pick up, but you would at least expect them to react to it and put some pressure on him.  Andy Carroll was just left clueless, which is not his fault, and that gave Crouch a free header.  Still alls well that ends well and all that.  Great to see Downing score, and on the same day that Torres managed to find the net too…. that FA Cup magic brings out the best in all underdogs eh?


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