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It’s just like buses……

Until we reached the Carling Cup final, so much had been made about us not having been to Wembley in so long, and now here we are, on our way to Wembley for the third time in the space of as many months.  Let’s hope that when we do play at Wembley for the third […]

Comolli Steps Down

It was only yesterday that I was reading that the current Liverpool owners would almost definitely be looking to change things up at the coaching level.  It is what they did with their baseball club when they took over and were looking for results and it was a strategy that seemingly worked.  It was suggested […]

Now he’s gone and Doni-t!!

You have to feel sorry for Doni.  He was born Brazilian, and, like many others from Brazil, he took up football.  He then faced that awkward moment when you realise that whilst your football skills are decent, you unfortunately were born in a country where decent just does not cut it.  The only option was […]

Are Liverpool Maxi-mising his potential?

If you’re a Liverpool fan, you do not need me to tell you that league wise this has been a disappointing season.  Yes the domestic cup runs have been immensely important to giving us some sunshine, but to me league success is all important.  I want us to be coming to the end of the […]

Bad day out for Liverpool

Liverpool started the day behind Everton and 8 points adrift of Newcastle.  A win was a must if we were to get a degree of respectability back into the league season, and it would have also stopped the rot that threatens to ruin the semifinal at Wembley.  Confidence is a huge thing, but the way […]

WordPress comment spam is awesome

If anybody out there is lacking a little bit of self confidence, then I heartily recommend that you start yourself a WordPress blog, and then post about anything.  Share it out via twitter, and just wait a while.