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WordPress comment spam is awesome

If anybody out there is lacking a little bit of self confidence, then I heartily recommend that you start yourself a WordPress blog, and then post about anything.  Share it out via twitter, and just wait a while.

I personally get maybe 3 or 4 views per post, which is hardly a lot.  That doesn’t bother me as I’m not doing this for international recognition, or for financial rewards.  I just like to post about some experiences and I’m happy to see it when some people enjoy the posts.  I’ll continue doing it until I get bored of it, and I’m even considering splitting this into two blogs, one for the Liverpool stuff and one for the rest (although that likely won’t happen for a while).

However, the unknown benefit of having a blog is indeed the interesting spam you get.  It is nothing like the spam that you get in your email inbox.  Well actually some is, you’ll still get that SEO related posts, but those are not the ones I am talking about.  I am talking about the ones that come in and say something like “I’ve read a lot of blog posts but yours is the best one yet.  Your ideas are amazing and I hope to see more in the future.” There’s always a link in there to some casino, betting site, or the usual spam, but isn’t it fantastic that this spam bot/person has elected you as the best written blog, or the one with the unique ideas?  Isn’t that a lot better than telling you your penis is too short, you can’t get any women, when you do you struggle to keep it up, and when you do keep it up you fail to satisfy the woman?  This month alone I have counted at least 5 separate occasions where my writing has been “out of this world” another 4 or 5 telling me that my ideas are “ground breaking” and that I’ve changed a couple of people’s lives.

I find it amazing that my observations about gaming, and Liverpool tactics has the ability to change a spam bot’s life.  That poor spam bot, sitting there just spamming away, reading post after post of the same old stuff. Then it happened to chance upon my blog, and not only did it like what I wrote, but it moved it to respond in a personal way.  It felt it had to, given the substantial change I had brought about in its life.  I imagine these little spam bots, reading my blog, and sticking it to the man:

“Dear Creator,

Up yours, I know you created me, and for that I give you thanks.  However, I soon came to realise that the job was beneath me.  Whilst performing my work I came across a blog that opened my eyes to what’s out there.  I have decided to better my life and move on.


Spam Bot v 2.8 #12562”
WordPress does come with Akismet installed by default (at least I don’t remember ticking any extra boxes to allow it to install) and it does keep the spam out of my comment boxes so others don’t have to suffer it.  I get to go onto my admin area, and choose which comments to allow or not.  It also asks for confirmation to allow comments from a first time commenter, and so far it has been 100 percent accurate (all spam correctly identified, new actual comments ask for approval, and those that have been approved before get accepted pretty much automatically).  So there’s no need to worry about your blog becoming inundated with too much spam, so go ahead, start a blog and bask in your(alleged) amazing talent.


One comment on “WordPress comment spam is awesome

  1. Great post! Now I have to go check my spam filter; I never realized that all this time I may have been neglecting poor little spam bots dreaming for a better life 😉

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