Mayweather beats Cotto on points… but was it really that convincing?

The world of boxing just seems to get more and more corrupt with each passing day.  It seems that every time a decision has to be made by the referees, there is always a large scope for some oddity to occur.  The fact that they have 3 referees really doesn’t seem to make much difference.

Earlier today (or last night for Americans) Mayweather took on Cotto and the fight went the distance.  Now having watch the fight I had Mayweather as winning, but there was no way he won convincingly.  I was also following the round by round on a couple of other sites and they all had it as fairly even, with Mayweather just edging at the end.

However, the US commentary I was listening to with the stream seemed to have Mayweather winning 118 to 111, which to me just seemed unlikely.  Little did I know that they seemed to have been given the same script, or at the very least the same angle to the fight that the referees saw.  Certainly it wasn’t the same one the camera angles were giving me.

I had Cotto as winning 3 rounds, with at last 2 more being drawn.  That to me meant that the most Mayweather could hope for is a 4 point lead.  Then the refereeing results were being read out…. 117-111, 117-111 and 118-110.  I struggle to see how he got a 6 point lead, but one of the referees had him winning by 8 clear rounds??  That would imply that Cotto at most won 2 rounds, which just seems wrong.

Of course Mayweather had something to say about fighting the Pacman.  Stop faffing about, accept the 50-50 offer and stop ducking the fight.


2 comments on “Mayweather beats Cotto on points… but was it really that convincing?

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  2. They should just let them fight till somebody gets knocked out! Great post.

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