BF3: The EA Server Conspiracy Part Trois

More on the BF3 official servers, that seem to have all but disappeared.

BF3: The EA Server Conspiracy Part Trois.

My particular take on this is that it will only get worse.  Somewhere there is always somebody willing to pay for something they should be getting free.  At the same time there is always somebody out there looking to make a profit from these people.

I will however say that there are some great servers out there, and there is something to be said about those servers with massive tickers.  It does cut down on the amount of time spent in the menus and can lead to some fantastically epic to-and-fro battles.  Sure nobody wants to sit and be spawn camped for an hour, but in my experience, with there being so many tickers, being spawn camped happens less in the big ticker battles than I see in say ordinary servers.  That happens because you don’t have to worry about running out of tickers, you can start doing some crazy rambo sh!t to get out of the spawn camp.  A squad full of engineers launching rockets, or assault launching grenade launchers, whilst not worrying about dying, makes it a lot easier to repel back the other team.

Of course this does not mean that I think EA did a good thing.  After all, we all paid for our game, and when we got the game, there was no mention that after a few months we would lose the official servers and find ourselves at the mercy of the wallet warriors.  Sure I can queue up for my own server, but that kind of defeats the purpose here.  I get that they have limited server space, but with the added funds that they are receiving, then that should really be used to buy some more server space.

Also, just because I can sometimes enjoy sitting there in one big epic battle does not mean I want to do that all the time.  There’s also the upcoming DLC to think about.  Those new small close quarter combat maps, that are attempting to steal away the COD player base, can you imagine one of those with 1000 tickers?
I suppose the one thing that really irks me even more is that this garbage is being done by a company that has already elected to bend the gamer over for online play.  If you buy this game second hand, you have to fork out extra for the online pass.  What exactly are they paying the online pass for, if they’re also then having to play on a servers that somebody else paid for??  Of course this is EA, and if there’s one thing to be said about EA its that they know just how to squeeze every penny out of their victims.


4 comments on “BF3: The EA Server Conspiracy Part Trois

  1. I guess it’s because I’ve worked a lot of sales, customer service and marketing type jobs and if I had treated a customer with an iota of the disrespect gaming companies treat their unwashed masses with, I’d have been fired in a heartbeat. I’ve also always lived by the rule of treat people how you expect to be treated. When I drove a truck around California selling industrial stone tools, I treated all my customers well, like they were family and my commission was only 1% (yes 1%, I worked for cheap bastards) so you know that could not have been the reason I did it. I did it because its the right thing to do.

    This whole server thing is a consumer issue. I agreed to purchase a game that provided a safe and dependable environment to play on. I also pay MS a monthly fee for the same thing. They’ve changed the business agreement we had when I purchased the game. I think rented servers are a wonderful idea. But the console market is dominated by children with too much pocket money and young adults with huge egos. These cretins are now admins with huge sticks. There has to be a bigger ratio of official servers compared rental servers at all times regardless if those rental servers are empty. It’s not my problem if tiny Hitler blew his allowance on an empty rented server.

    Ironic thing is I left CoD because of all the immature gits, now EA has placed me at the mercy of them.

    It is not acceptable to turn official servers into rental servers when the demand for rental servers spikes. They both need to be in a separate pool of servers.

    And there are a few good servers out there, problem is they are either empty or full or not enough room to get your full squad in when you need them. Forcing you to peruse the rest of the rental servers and suffer a game of chance. The BF3 eco-system is a wee bit out of whack.

    They’ll fix the problem, will they wait till they gather enough statistics on the matter so the bean counters can allocate the least amount of funds possible to solve the problem or will they use some of their riches to immediately throw some servers into the fray to allay people’s anxiety… How long it takes and how much will they do to solve the problem is the only question here.

    I haven’t played in weeks now. All my mates are either playing the GR demo, something else or MIA. I have not had the desire to jump onto gen pop servers since the patch.

  2. Fully agree with the fact that they should be completely separate. The problem will always be that regardless of what companies do, there will always be somebody for whom money is no matter. The same people who bought the horse armour in Oblivion, or those same people that spent so much money on gold pack to make the FIFA utlimate team awesome.

    Obviously some companies (particularly the bigger one) will take advantage of that, and the only way this will stop is by people acting against it, which leads us back to the idiots who have more money than sense (or whose parents are forced to shell out money to keep their kid happy).

    Part of the problem should also be put squarely on the various gaming medias out there. The magazines, the websites, etc. Too many of them have a vested interest in not rocking the boat, and criticising things like this, for fear that they won’t be able to get that “exclusive” interview, or be allowed to receive an early copy of the game to review. As a result the bigger companies can turn out rubbish, or screw the gaming community over with no real chance of bad publicity. It’s only really the gaming community itself that is rising up against it, and then it’s only once enough of a stink is caused that the gaming media jumps on board so that they can say they lead the way.

    At the same time, smaller game developers fall by the wayside because they can’t grease the system in their favour. One of my favourite games on the 360 was ShadowRun. Absolutely loved that game, but it got slated by everybody for one reason only, that it had no SP to speak of (other than some training). The game itself was superb, required a great deal of team work to win (from who was going where, to how was buying what perks, and to people donating cash to team mates so you could have the best possible team). Once word started getting out how great it was the gaming media decided they should actually give the game a fair go, but by then it was too late. FASA went out of business, but because of the great reviews, now you had idiots from CoD jumping into the game and ruining it.

    What’s funny is, FASA spent all their time, money and energy in building this phenomenal MP and saying that MP was where the gaming future was at. They decided not to do what other games have done (tack on a short pointless, bug filled SP to appease the reviewers), and they got slated for it. The gaming community is constantly crying out for originality, but when it comes down to it they will follow what the gaming media tells them they should like, and continue bitching that there are no original games out there. There are/have been, but the masses just blundered on past them because they were told to.

    • Exactly. One of the tools who made this video;


      released another video soon after in which was all apologetic to the gaming companies and said he felt bad because he had done this to them because they had been swamped by tweets and e-mails because of it and asked the community to not do anything like it again.

      Translation: “The Man pretty much told me if I did this again they’d cut me off completely from any insider information or pre-game releases.”

      Way to stand your ground there Geraldo Rivera!

      • Wow, that’s beyond disappointing. I know that these people have a “job” to do, and missing out would be detrimental to their work, but it’s working against them at the same time.

        I remember ages ago I would read reviews in magazines (and subsequently websites) before I made a decision on buying a game. Nowadays I read the reviews and think hmm I wonder how much of this is bullshit. Then I go and ask other gamers that I know to see what they think of the game. That way I get a reliable response, and when it is coming from a fanboy they’re straight about the fact that they are fanboys.

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