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Xbox 360 Version Of Minecraft Has Small Worlds And Invisible Walls

Xbox 360 Version Of Minecraft Has Small Worlds And Invisible Walls.

Minecraft has been around for a while now, and I remember playing it at a very early stage, when the game was a lot more basic than it currently is.  It’s also one of those games that can get quite addictive, and its can be very hard to explain why that is to other people new to the game.

In essence this is no more than adult lego, and when you watch somebody playing for the first time you think “really, they find this fun”.  Then you start knocking down your first tree, and making your first wooden hut; followed by a bit of digging, and surviving that first night, and you find yourself hooked.  Suddenly you start “having” to play that little bit longer to make sure you finish off your farm, or your house to make sure those pesky spiders don’t come rampaging in whilst you’re asleep.

What is great about the PC version is the massive size of the thing.  You could in theory just keep wandering and not find the edge of the map.  That means endless resources as long as you can find them, and get to them.  With the 360 version being limited, that could be a big stumbling block for getting it on there as well as the PC.

Walking for 2 minutes to get from the centre to the edge is actually a fairly sizeable area, and you’ll be hard pressed to actually dig all of the resources from that area in a short space of time.  However, let’s say you play this a lot, and you start to build yourself a fancy little town, and some nice castles, a few auto farms etc.  Then you suddenly realise that you’re used up all those resources, what then?  Do you sit back and bask in your glory, or do you start all over again?

The other question is what this means for multiplayer.  I’m not entirely sure what the plan is for the 360 multiplayer.  I love being able to go onto a server (the one I’ve been on for months and really enjoy is smp.mcsteamed.net), and building your own space, and integrating that with others.  Now if the multiplayer maps have the same restrictions, this could easily become an issue, and you could soon find yourselves running out of the more important resources.

Having had to restart a number of times in the past for different reasons, I can assure you that its no fun thing losing all of those hard gotten items, and having to start all over again from the very beginning.  It will be interesting to see if they are able to “fix” this with an update, and it will also be interesting to see how this affect multiplayer.  Definitely things to note, prior to splashing out 1,600 on it.


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