New Liverpool kit to be revealed at midnight tonight

So, as one kit chapter comes to an end, another one starts.  As of June 1st, Warrior Sport will be the maker of the Liverpool shirt, and Liverpool fans will get to see it soon, according to the Liverpool website.  It will be revealed at Midnight (GMT) tonight (between 10th and 11th May).

So that moment is upon us.  Where the fans right to be skeptical of going with an American company, and one that doesn’t even design any footballsoccerfootball shirts? Or will this be the best kit in ages?  We’ve all seen the various “leaked” images; which turned out to be just somebody speculating.  I would quite like it to go all the way back to a nice clean kit, with the Liver bird on it, and nothing too flash.  I’ll be ok with a few shady aspects to it, I mean after all just have a look at the Arsenal sleeve catastrophe for the coming season:

Nice Sleeves…..

However, the key part to it has to be that the average man on the street can wear it.  Please for the love of God, don’t make this a skin tight shirt, and don’t add any stupid collars on them.  I’ll settle for something unoriginal that can be worn with pride, over something hideous that can only be brought out in a room full of other reds 😀



5 comments on “New Liverpool kit to be revealed at midnight tonight

  1. Well if sitcoms are any indication, the one thing us yanks can do really well is take a perfectly good Anglo idea and completely botch it up…

  2. Not a fan of the new Liverpool kit, where’s the white?! Looks dated and boring, I could’ve done a better job bringbackthecarlsbergdays lfc

  3. If you go back long enough the shirts had no white on them. If it was good enough for Shankley it’s good enough for us mere mortals

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