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Liverpool’s New Kit Revealed

Last night, just after midnight in the UK, Warrior Sport finally released the images of the new Liverpool kit for the coming season.  As expected, it is very different to the current kit that we have.  The logo has reverted back to the Liverbird, the wording and logos are now in yellow, and of course the Adidas 3 stripes are gone, replaced by a fairly obvious Warrior Sports logo. So is it good or bad?

General consensus from the fans seems to be that this is a great kit.  It’s relatively simple, and harks back to a bygone glory era of Shankly’s Red Giants with the Liver bird proudly on display.  Looking at the kit I have to agree that this is indeed a wonderful bit of design.  My one major request was that it would be a something that the ordinary man on the street could wear around town, to the bars, and to the games.  So let’s take a look at how they did.

The front of the shirt is fairly uncluttered. No highly noticeable stripes, no prominent triangles, just a red shirt with the 3 obligatory logos.  The biggest change on the front is of course the logo.  It has gone from the current famous logo, back to the previous eras with the Liver bird and a simple L.F.C.   The Warrior Sports logo is a bit too big for my liking, but at least they had the decency to make it smaller than the Liver bird, and I suppose with this being their attempt at breaking into the new market they wanted to try and elevate their exposure in any way possible.  What is also notable, and fair play to Standard Chartered for agreeing to this, is that the sponsor logo is the same colour.  They could have cried and asked for their logo to be the same as their official corporate logo, but instead they have agreed to keep it the same as the others and that just makes this that much easier on the eye.  Going to yellow colouring on a red shirt was a great move too.

The other change on the shirt is the collar.  This to me is maybe the only part of the shirt that they got wrong.  I seem to recall Adidas whacked on a collar a few seasons back in an attempt to bring back the glory days.  The next kit iteration had those collars removed and as far as I remember the likes of Gerrard came out saying that it was a great kit and that they were happy to see the collars gone.  I personally didn’t like the collars on the Adidas kit, and found that they annoyed me.  In Warrior Sports’ defense these do look slightly better thought out collars, and they do go with the rest of the kit a lot better than the Adidas ones, which did seem to be something tacked on as an afterthought.  Just hope the players don’t have a major issue with them.  Sure they’re professional players and they shouldn’t let something as petty as a collar distract them, but at the end of the day you want them to be as comfortable as possible.

The view of the front

One of the best features of the kit is, in my opinion, the little nod towards those 96 that tragically lost their lives in the Hillsborough disaster.  Great to see this has been added to the kit.  It won’t bring the justice to the families of the dead that they seek, but it lets them know that the club will forever remember them and those they lost, and they will do what they can to help them.  All that’s left to be added here is the player names and numbers.

The view from the back

The shorts are also completely red with yellow logos on them.  Very simple, yet effective.

The Shorts

Finally there are the socks… nothing really special here, but they are completely red other than the yellow logos:


It will be interesting to see what material the shirt and the shorts are made of.  The shorts look like they’re made from the same material as comfortable jogging pants, and the shirt certainly does not look like its made from the standard materials used the past couple of seasons.  It may be made from the same sort of material that the England kit was made, which was certainly light enough and comfortable to wear.

I definitely see me buying the shirt, and I definitely see me wearing it, but it just seems like an outstanding polo shirt, rather than a phenomenal playing shirt.  To me the one feature that marginally lets it down is indeed the collar.  Still, it does go very well with the overall look of the shirt, and does not appear to be an afterthought that the designer whacked on when they realised they had too much material left over.  Now let’s also not forget that this came from an American company, that had until now only produced ice hockey and lacrosse kits.  For their first effort at a football kit, this is amazing.  There’s no hint of them being over-sized like ice hockey shirts, there’s no over-the-top statements.  You can see what they’ve set out to do, and they have, in my opinion, achieved it.  Indeed, if I may coin their own phrase….. THEY CAME NOT TO PLAY.

Warrior Sports also get extra bonus points for the fan interactions on Twitter last night.  They were more than happy to respond to Liverpool fans and they re-tweeted a number of Man Utd fan bashing tweets.  A great start to their relationship with the club. On top of that their twitter account and their new website actually uses the word football and not soccer.  Well played Warrior Sports.


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