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Brace yourselves Liverpool fans…. it’s about to re-start

So, the summer started with turmoil for Liverpool, with Kenny Dalglish’s contract being terminated and Liverpool looking for a new manager.  That led to a large amount of column inches dedicated to Liverpool, which still carried on even after Brendan Rodgers was appointed.   However, soon after that, the Euros started so the sporting media suddenly had something else to worry about.  For once, Liverpool fans can say a big thank you to Roy Hodgson, as he opted not to take Rio Ferdinand and with that one decision, the spot light shifted away from Liverpool, onto Roy and the England team.  However, next week marks the end of the tournament, and you can rest assured that the British media will need to fill their back pages with sensationalistic “news”.

For some fans the whole managerial issues was a nightmare, as they read story after story of who the next manager would be.  I personally felt that the whole handling of the new manager was a perfect showing by the current owners that they are more than capable of doing things the Liverpool way, without having everybody knowing our business until it is done.  The problem is that a large number of Liverpool fans talk about wanting things down the Liverpool way and the next moment they bitch about the club not telling them anything.  You cannot have both, you either have the likes of Dave Whelan at the helm, who clearly had a past life as a sports journalist and you tell the media everything you did that day; or you do things the old Liverpool way, where news is only news once it has been confirmed.

The other problem is that way too many fans believe everything they read, and they react angrily to the owners, based on information they read in the tabloid press.  Some of that news originated in the Sun, and what self respecting Liverpool fan still reads the Sun, or believes anything they write?  I’ll admit, I’m one of those fans that will read most rumours I see about Liverpool, but I do so with a pinch of salt.  I’ll happily read about a player, and try to figure out whether he could add something to the team, and whether he might fit into the manager’s regime.  It always saddens me to see so many fans writing these letters to the owners, based on rumours they read in the paper.  Voice an opinion sure, but at least wait for the actual truth to come out before slating the owners.  I notice that some of those that wrote their open letters to the owners, when it was certain we were going to be managed by Martinez, didn’t come back and apologise about the fact that they had been duped by Whelan’s big mouth and the tabloid trash.

Well, I for one have enjoyed the Euros for two reasons.  The first is that this may be the last time we see such an intense Euros.  If more teams are allowed to enter it may well become like the world cup, where the group stages hold very little interest.  The second reason is that during the Euros very little has been made up about Liverpool, with maybe the only exemption being the recent news about Skirtel.  However, we are now 4 games away from that ending, and the sporting media will need to find something to write about.

With Liverpool having a new manager, and so clearly needing at least one or two new players, you can rest assured a fair bit of press will be aimed Liverpool’s way.  Now given that the owners are likely to be fairly quiet, and that Rodgers seems to be a relatively tight lipped manager, then I can see that not much will be given out from Liverpool’s side, but the press will still need to fill out those column inches, and if they have to make stuff up they’re more than happy to do so.  They will no doubt still link us to every striker going, given the issues in front of goal last season; and when you add on top of that a new manager, then there will no doubt be a link to every player that has the potential to play the Barcelona way.

So brace yourselves Liverpool fans, there’s a long few weeks before the season starts, and a couple of months before the transfer window closes.  That leaves a lot of back pages to be filled, and that means that there will, as always, be a lot for Liverpool fans to read about their club.  Please whatever you do, just bear in mind this is just tabloid garbage at this stage.  They will keep making stuff up, even if their trusted source was a drunk man in the pub who said that it would be nice to sign Lionel Messi.  Please give the owners and Brendan Rodgers a fair trial, and base your opinion on him on fact rather than fiction.


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