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Trying out my new clay cooker

After a long wait, I finally managed to get my clay cooker delivered from Mason Cash.  Not only does it look great, with its looks harking back to a bygone era, but it also promises to cook a number of outstanding dishes.  When I first thought about getting it, I was thinking it would mostly […]

Borini becomes LIverpool’s First Signing, and Maxi departs

So, we finally have Brendan Rodgers’ first transfer market dealing, and I have to say its not a bad one at all.  For a relatively low fee of 8 million pounds, Liverpool have signed the services of a 21 year old Italian international, Fabio Borini.  With him being only 21, he is one that would […]

What does the Sigurdsson “saga” mean for Liverpool?

So it seems that the media was right, and Spurs did in fact “steal” Sigurdsson.  Of course, the laws of averages dictate that once in a while even the UK tabloid press have to get something right.  What has entertained me is the reaction of some Liverpool fans about the whole thing.  Many were quick […]