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Play-Asia vouchers

Wow…. been ages since my last post.  Figure it is maybe time for me to start posting again.  As a sort of sorry to my few loyal followers… I know there must be at least one of you still out there right… anyway, I figured I would post my Christmas Play-Asia codes on here.  I rarely order more than one game at a time so it’s unlikely I would actually use the codes, as they require a purchase of USD88 or above…. but I figure there must be people out there looking to buy gifts for people or for themselves.

The only thing that I ask is that you kindly use my affiliation link to go to Play-Asia, as that in turn gets me credits for my future purchases.

So without further ado, I give you the codes:

  • Enjoy $8 off a purchase of $88 or above – ZR-PCW-LKC
  • Enjoy $15 off a purchase of $150 or above – SM-ZGP-CJH

Remember that’s all USD; and bear in mind that you need to check the version of the game you are looking at as they have US, PAL and Asian version games on there.  It’s not just video games either, they do sell a number of other items on there.

They’re very reliable, and I do find that their prices are reasonable outside of Hong Kong.  The reason I don’t use them more often is that a) I’m impatient and I want my games right away and b) sometimes their prices are higher than if I go to gaming malls here in Hong Kong.

Anyway… feel free to forward this around to anybody else that might be keen on using them.  Would also be good if you could comment on which codes you’ve used so others will know when one has been taken.


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