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Two games in… New nails please!!

One game, one win, one clean sheet.  A great start to the season.  Now don’t get me wrong, I was as ecstatic as any Liverpool fan last week when Mignolet made the dream debut with a last minute penalty save, honestly I was.  However, for this week I would have been happy for fans to […]

The sad state of gaming

A couple of months ago I received an invite to Ingress.  I was quite pleased about getting an invite to it, as here was a game that was trying to do something completely different.  the concept behind Ingress is that the world we live in suddenly has these portals all around us, which exude eXotic […]

And we’re off

Summer.  That long period of time that football fans hate.  When the league finishes and it is weeks before another ball is kicked competitively.  Every two years it’s made worse due to there being no World Cup or European Championships to fill that gap.  Well, as of yesterday, it’s finally over and the Barclays Premier […]

My take on last season

My take on last season

A Fresh Start Despite thinking I might actually get back to my blog, I ended up not doing so.  There were really a couple of reasons for that, with the biggest being lack of time.  However, not far behind that was the fact that last season was a “fresh start” for Liverpool.  I did put […]

Book Depository

So in this day and age a lot of people are shifting over to the digital age, and with that ebooks are on the rise.  However, there are still plenty of times when the physical book is to be preferred to the ebook, at least there is for me.  One big example is when it […]