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Book Depository

So in this day and age a lot of people are shifting over to the digital age, and with that ebooks are on the rise.  However, there are still plenty of times when the physical book is to be preferred to the ebook, at least there is for me.  One big example is when it comes to cook books.  I’ve read a couple of ecookbooks, and I tend to be mostly unimpressed, at least for those that are primarily about the recipes.  I could see an ebook working great for say chefs’ autobiographies, or maybe books like Pork & Sons, which has a couple of stories around the story of life on a farm and the various products they make.

However, I like to use cookbooks as inspiration.  Sometimes I follow the recipe religiously, other times I use the recipes or techniques for other recipes, or I might even mix and match from two completely different cookbooks.  Last Christmas we had a turkey with stuffing based on a Silver Spoon stuffing recipe, together with a potato and olive tagine.  Sometimes, it’s just a case of looking at the various pictures :D.

That lead me to the next issue that I had.  Books here in Asia are just plain expensive.  You look at the book and it will give an RRP in USD, GBP and EUR, then you see the sticker price in Hong Kong Dollars and it’s just obscene.  Even if you do buy from the publishers here for retail stores, their discounts are based on their recommended Asian retail prices.  The discounts then end up still being higher than buying those books in say America or the UK.

Then I found Books Depository, and was back to being happy again.  Not only do they have a huge collection of books, but those books also normally have a discount on the UK RRPs.  on my first purchase form there, I was able to purchase Gordon Ramsay 3* Chef with a 30% discount.  I would never have even considered buying this book here in Asia, but it is a beautiful book, and I love how Gordon includes two versions of the recipes, one for fancy restaurant style presentations and one easier version for home cooks.  What impressed me more about Books Depository was that they offered FREE delivery WORLDWIDE.  That is immense.  A lot of these cookbooks are heavy, and buying them from the UK was never an option, as either the postage to here was way too high, or they just would take too much room in my luggage if I decided to buy some whilst there (or even asking somebody else to bring for me).

Delivery to Asia tends to take about two weeks, although it can take up to four weeks during busy postal periods (Christmas in UK is a mess postage wise).  They generally also ship books as soon as they are ready, so no need to wait for that other book that is maybe going to ship next week.
So, if you’re living in a part of the world where books are seemingly expensive, go check out Books Depository.

As I am not a politician, and thus happy to have full disclosure, I should point out that i have recently joined their affiliate program.  Should anybody go through that link to buy any of their books, I would receive a small commission.  However, if you’re against all that, you can just go to their website, and ignore my link on the right…. although if you did click the little box I would be able to wonder through life with a slightly happier smile… all attributable to you.  Imagine how great your life would be…. a cheap book delivered to your door, plus the knowledge that you made somebody else slightly happier.  Go ahead. Click it. You might even like it.


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