This blog will just be a random collections of my own musings from whatever goes on in and around my life.

I am a huge Liverpool fan (and not just because I weigh 100kg either) and a lot of what I post will likely be about Liverpool Football Club.  I also have an Xbox 360 and I love playing video games so I assume a number of posts will likely be about that too.  Other posts will likely include observations from living in Hong Kong, from my travels and being a parent (became a dad for the first time in November 2011 so it’s all new to me even if you’re bored of hearing about other people’s kids :D)

Feel free to leave your comments, but I hope that you at least keep it constructive.  I’m happy to listen to constructive criticism and possibly amend my ways but it’s hard to improve if all I get is “you suck” :D.


2 comments on “About

  1. I grew up on Lothair Rd. right across the street from Anfield. Love Liverpool (I like Everton too but don’t tell anyone, okay?) Do you have FIFA 12? Maybe we could do a Merseyside Derby one day.

    Congratulations on the whole fatherhood thing.

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