10 Instances of Literary Censorship

10 Instances of Literary Censorship – Advertisements

50 books, 50 offers, 25 hours at Book Depository coming Thursday 28th November

Not sure how many of you out there still love to get their hands on physical books, but I’ve posted about the Book Depository website before.  They offer discounted books, with free shipping around the world.  Not sure how much you actually save in UK versus say maybe getting it from Amazon, but in Hong […]

6 Great East Asian Writers You Didn’t Read in Class

6 Great East Asian Writers You Didn’t Read in Class –

Book Depository

So in this day and age a lot of people are shifting over to the digital age, and with that ebooks are on the rise.  However, there are still plenty of times when the physical book is to be preferred to the ebook, at least there is for me.  One big example is when it […]