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What a difference a week makes… oh wait hang on….

Last two games saw us win one nil.  Up next was United.  Would I be happy with another one nil…. you betcha.  Did I expect it?  No… not in the slightest.  Now that’s not to say I didn’t think we could win, on the contrary.  The thing is Toure was out injured, and van Persie […]

The end of 4th official boards in football

As most of you football fans know, for a while we have had a board that the 4th official holds up for added time at the end of the game.  It is also used to indicate which players are coming on and off in a substitution.  They have been a decent addition to the game […]

Was the handshake all Suarez’s fault?

Obviously, from first viewing it is clear Suarez didn’t shake Evra’s hand, and of course the Evra made a meal of it by grabbing Suarez’s hand, but did Evra instigate it all?

Rooney scores brace to sink Reds

Manchester United versus Liverpool.  It’s one of those fixtures that Liverpool fans look for when the fixtures are done in the summer.  It is one of the biggest games in the calendar, and regardless of league position both sets of fans waits with trepidation hoping for a win.  As most are probably aware, this had […]

Suarez returns to a bore draw at Anfield

It’s like he was never gone, he comes back into the line up, gets to play at Anfield, gets a great reception from the crowd and he sees us draw again; at Anfield.  Still at least it wasn’t a loss.

The Week When all of Manchester Kopped Out

Liverpool vs Manchester United.  Just those three words brings with it mixed emotions for both sets of fans.  Both wanting a win so badly, but knowing that a loss would ruin any week.  This one was a little bit special though.  It was the first since that incident with Evra and Suarez; and it was […]

Bashed by Bolton!!

Well that didn’t exactly go to plan now did it?  Needing a win to put them back on track, Liverpool travelled to Bolton with expectations of a win.  Bolton had other plans and came out winners, putting 3 past Liverpool.