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From the Ashleys’ Pens, the deluge begins….

It had that certain air of inevitability, that England would once again go out of a major tournament on penalties.  No matter whether we practice them or not, at the end of the day nothing is more certain than England bottling it at penalties.  If Pirlo’s penalty was the icing on the cake of a […]

Brace yourselves Liverpool fans…. it’s about to re-start

So, the summer started with turmoil for Liverpool, with Kenny Dalglish’s contract being terminated and Liverpool looking for a new manager.  That led to a large amount of column inches dedicated to Liverpool, which still carried on even after Brendan Rodgers was appointed.   However, soon after that, the Euros started so the sporting media suddenly had […]

Pistachio & rosewater meringues

Originally posted on Needle & I Blog:
Okay so I’ve done some research and some highly covert experiments and have found an Ottolenghi recipe which delivers the goods. As suspected, my newly acquired electric beater makes life infinitely easier. It’s essential for this recipe because you whisk the egg mix until it is very thick.…

Goal Line Technology – to be introduced before England benefit again

Let’s go back 2 years, at the last world cup, with Germany in the lead, Frank Lampard puts his sizeable weight behind a shot.  It hammers the crossbar, bounces well over the line, and comes back out.  Referee’s assistant, whether blind, not giving a shit, not seeing or merely thinking about the brown paper bag […]

Hollywood needs to stop….

Last night my wife and I decided to have a night out, and we decided that we would go to the cinema for the first time in about 10 months.  We decided to go watch Prometheus, mostly because it was one of few current blockbusters on at the cinema in Hong Kong, and partly because […]

Liverpool’s new manager – Brendan Rodgers

So Friday marked a busy day in Liverpool’s post season.  First there was the launch of the new kit, which is a true work of art.  I found out on Friday that Warrior has set up a new website just for Asia (actually also includes Australia and New Zealand).  Until Monday, you can get free […]