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Great News for Anne Williams

I don’t know how many times I hit refresh, F5 or Ctrl-R last night, but I kept doing it over and over willing that little magic number to get to 6 digits.  For a long time I was somewhat worried, I mean with a couple of days to go to go the petition had 35,000 votes and I thought that was so unlike Liverpool fans.  Then yesterday there was still a need for another 20,000, with only a few hours left.

What followed next was an outstanding coming together of people, in an effort to get this petitions signed.  Sure it started off with Liverpool fans, and that makes sense but throughout the day it became clear to a lot of people that this was about one woman getting her peace of mind, and justice following the death of her son all those years ago.  Just looking at the list of celebrities that had signed it, and you saw Wayne and Colleen Rooney there, there was even a tweet by a Man Utd fan group asking for their followers to get it signed.

Sure there were some idiots who took the blinkered Sun view that the Liverpool fans did this to themselves; and I suppose the fact that this petitions struggled to get to 100,000 may point to the fact that those Sun headlines still sit in people’s memories.  Let’s not forget that for a lot of fans who remember the day, those that may not have been Liverpool fans, will have based their opinion based on what they read.  That sort of imagery that they painted falsely sells newspapers, and people remember it even if just subconsciously.

However, yesterday was a triumph for justice and a triumph for one mother who for years has had to live with the burden of knowing that her son’s death was not being given the respect it should have been.  Here at last is a chance for her to get another inquest, and hopefully one that realises that there were people on that day that could have been saved even after the fatal crush occurred.  She still needs to get MPs to support her, but at least she has her foot in the door as it were.

Click the below link to read her thank you message to all those that signed it.


I’m pleased to have been a part of something like that.  I know a number of people are fed up of these ePetitions, and there have been a few, but this is a cause that should never have people turning away thinking it’s just another one.


One comment on “Great News for Anne Williams

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